Introductory session:  ​Your 55 minute private will introduce you to the fundamentals of Pilates.  This will include isolating the core muscle groups, proper breathing techniques, and learning the foundation exercise to a more centered and balanced individual.  We will also evaluate your goals and examine your bodies alignment  to develop an individual plan for your needs.
Privates:  ​A 55 min, one-on-one session with a qualified instructor.  Private sessions can include all Pilates apparatus (reformer, cadillac, tower, wunda chair, etc.) as well as mat work.  This type of session is highly recommended for clients that have not experienced Pilates before and clients that prefer or require an instructor’s undivided attention.
Semi-privates: Two or three clients working with one instructor for 55 minutes. These sessions are great for clients that may not need as much individualized attention. They are still individualized and personal to your workout goals and needs.
Circuit classes: A Unique 1 hr class that will get your hear pumping and muscles moving on all forms of Pilates apparatus, including the Regrmer, Trap Table, Wunda Chair and Mat.  It’s a great total body workout and an excellent compliment to our private and semi-private sessions.  Introductory package is a pre-requisite.


After your first Pilates session, you will feel an immediate improvement in your body awareness. After ten sessions, you will feel stronger and more flexible. After twenty sessions, you will see changes in your posture, and after thirty sessions, you will have a whole new body.